Code For Good is an annual Hackathon conducted by JP Morgan Chase for students in their second and third years of Engineering. It is a hackathon aimed at providing technology-based solutions to real-world problems faced by NGO’s, NPO’s etc.

This was an on-campus opportunity, I study at RV College of Engineering, Bangalore. Find out more at :


The hackathon was a 4-day event conducted between 8th-12th July. Prior to this, there were 2 rounds of shortlisting. In the month of March, a coding test was conducted on Hackerrank. The level of the questions was LeetCode easy-medium. The next round…

Complete guide with detailed steps to connect your real-time database on Firebase to Python.

Through this blog, I will provide the steps that are necessary to connect your real-time database on Firebase to Python. I am assuming you have already created a Firebase project and set up the real-time database.

Installation and Dependencies

pip install firebase_admin

Image source:

In the month of November, I came across a mentorship program conducted by IIE (International Institute of Education) in association with Goldman Sachs. My college, R.V College Of Engineering was one of the colleges eligible for the mentorship opportunity.

This is the link to the scholarship opportunity is:

In the second week of March, when I was scrolling through my LinkedIn feed, I came across the LinkedIn CoachIn Mentorship program. The eligibility criteria was female students pursuing a B.E degree, graduating in 2023. The description was as follows :

The first introductory session was scheduled for 29–03–2021. The main goal of the session was to introduce my co-mentees and me to the existing opportunities and what could be the future road ahead, considering our interests.

The session started off with a brief about the fields Computer Science is closely related to such as Neurobiology, Finance Design, Math, Social Science, and so on. The next was about the different roles that exist in a typical company such as App/Web Development, UI/UX Design, Testing, and Automation, etc.

Opportunities and roadmaps identified by our mentor

Higher education, industry, research, entrepreneurship, or a mix of both industry and research are…

Time is the greatest healer,

Of this, I am a believer

When your emotional-gram is oscillating between the north and south pole

In desperation to confide and burst out, but not a soul

Whom you truly trust,

Fear that they will judge and look at you in disgust

Your confidence hitting level zero

Self-doubt emerging a real hero

Hours of misery and pain

Thinking whether all the hard work was in vain

It’s all in the mind and how you percieve it they said,

But that ain’t enough to remove it from your head

Ultimately it dawns upon you, what…

How Many Topics was one of the open-source projects under the GirlScript Summer Of Code Extended Programme.

Topic modeling refers to the task of discovering the underlying thematic structure in a text corpus, where the output is commonly presented as a report of the top terms appearing in each topic. Despite the diversity of topic modeling algorithms that have been proposed, a common challenge in successfully applying these techniques is the selection of an appropriate number of topics for a given corpus.

We intend to work on a research paper where we propose a term-centric stability analysis strategy to address…

To relate better to this, do give this a read!

The most important component of REMO, a solution built for the conduction of remote interviews is the virtual environment. Testing of technical skills for any interview is a must. Often candidates are asked to share their screens, give remote access to the interviewers or explain their logic orally, all of these practices hinder clear expression and flow of thoughts and also go against respecting the privacy of the candidate. Our solution is to provide a resource created on the cloud, such that the candidate as well as an interviewer have…

I remember the day, March 18th, for a lot of reasons. The first being, the last time I stepped into a crowded bus, clinging onto dear life in the hope that I won’t fall off or without covering my mouth with a mask. I also remember it for another reason, I was drained and exhausted. The district level sports competitions were around the corner. I had to get adjusted to the college team, as I was a new recruit. I was almost in tears when I reached home. The way back home from college isn’t an easy one, mind you…

It’s the Fear Of Missing Out . If you got it right, I’m guessing you belong to this category and you are probably thinking on what you are missing out presently while reading this blog. All of us have experienced this feeling, at some place or some time. We want to be highly successful, have a long list of achievements. I wouldn’t say this is wrong, but you need to draw the line somewhere. You shouldn’t over-work yourself. There will always be people who are better than you at every stage. It’s just that we are a part of this…


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