DESIS Ascend Educare 2021

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About the Program

DESIS Ascend Educare for Women in Tech is a six-month mentorship program where students have an opportunity to partake in an exclusive educational experience designed to enhance their skills in different areas ranging from coding and software development to holistic professional development.

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The selection process

The first step was to submit an application on the portal which included basic details about education, achievements, projects, and an essay about why you feel you deserve to be accepted into the program. The last day to submit the application was 30th August 2021.

I received an invite to take part in an online coding challenge on Hackerrank. The syllabus comprised of 6–7 questions on probability, aptitude and 3 coding questions which were of LeetCode easy-medium level.

I was shortlisted, the next was a personal interview and tech interview. Yes, the personal interview was conducted first on 19th September 2021. Questions based on my resume, projects, past mentorship experiences, situational-based, my interests, and motivation to be a part of this program were asked.

Each round was eliminatory in nature. I got through the personal interview and my tech interview was held on 22nd September 2021. This interview focussed on Data Structures and Algorithms mainly.

On 1st October 2021, I finally received a confirmation about my selection into the DESIS Ascend Educare Program!

Acceptance into the program!

A few words

  • Be honest in your essays and try to extensively cover your passion in the field of technology and why you feel the program will benefit you. Go through the program brochure in detail
  • Practice DSA, the importance of this cannot be stressed enough!
  • Remember the road is not easy. It’s a tough period with lots of ups and downs, but I believe consistent practice can help get through anything.
  • Be clear with concepts and answer questions confidently
  • Lastly, be patient

See you till next time 😃

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