The Chosen One.

When I was in school , 4 years ago , we were supposed to perform a play for the annual function. It was one of those Disney themed plays , I was very excited and looking forward to it. I was all dressed up and reached school, my teacher was in a state of panic, when I asked her about what happened, she said the lead actress suddenly fell ill and would not be able to perform . We were in a state of jeopardy, there was no looking back, something had to be done, for we had spent a lot of time,Well we did it , we managed to pull it off. My teacher asked me to play the role of the lead without any prior practice whatsoever, when I look back I am amazed :)

A few years later this incident got me thinking. Thinking about what you may ask . Not about the play and how I managed to pull off the lead role , but about how it metaphorically represented life on Earth.

Pay attention for the next few minutes! Stop thinking about whom you can outperform next or what’s missing in your life; Is this the whole and sole purpose of our existence ! Have we ever thought , why ? Why we were born on Earth ?

I have concluded that there our existence has a much deeper meaning and significance , I believe in the existence of a power , a mighty power capable of putting up the show , or as Shakespeare says , “All the world’s a stage and all men and women merely players “. It’s all planned , we play our part during our lifetime and when it’s time to go , “bid goodbye” . It’s not fate , there is really no other option . We blame ourselves for taking the wrong decision , but What IF that was the only option ? There is Really NO other option , Just ONE (Like Doctor Strange tells Iron Man) , It seems like an illusion . You feel like you are in the middle of a maze , this maze called “Life” , having multiple paths and choices , but you choose a particular path , that is not by chance , but because you had to choose it , Like I said , it is all planned. Each path you cross teaches you something new.

The acceptance of this superior power can take many forms , Each to his own , Each believes in different existential forms , I equally respect all these beliefs . Again emphasizing on the fact that, we are mere puppets , just playing our part . There is no digression from the script , though we think how different our lives would have been if we had done something else . In contrast to how real-world plays work , we aren’t told our lines beforehand , there are no practice sessions , you perform before a large and distinct audience impromptu . If you do well that was a part of the script but if you don’t , even that was a part of the script ! Only you weren’t aware of that .

Such is the life we lead . Every second is uncertain , every second a test , well at least that’s what we perceive ! Which I believe is a total waste of brain power , for , whatever has to happen will happen, It is inevitable (something like Thanos , Endgame fans , relate ?)

Whether fate or science , I would leave for you to choose , You will mostly decide that based on circumstances or situations that you have faced in your lives . Wishes and aspirations in my opinion are futile , cause there is no way anything will change. But of course , the story is a suspense , it will unfold and take it’s course , without any prior warnings or alerts .

There is a purpose or reason behind everything that happens , most of the times hidden in plain-sight , sometimes you manage to figure it out , but otherwise brood , cry and complain about it . But we humans just don’t limit these thoughts to our own lives , we think too much about what is happening in others’ lives . I urge the readers to give up these foolish thoughts , each has his own share of pain and gain, That’s what life is about right ?

Jealousy and Luck , erase these ideas from your minds . You are rewarded and provided incentives for your job , you can’t do another person’s job , Remember that!!

Play your part and Keep Calm, Do what you Love, there is no looking back, you were given a task to accomplish , being given an opportunity , discharge your duties with great respect and responsibility!!




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