What if we didn’t have taste buds?

Well that’s the question, what do you think about this folks? The billion dollar food industry would practically be non-existent , No restaurants, no chefs to cook exotic meals , hours spent in the kitchen would probably be used in watching TV show or a course online ,” Food for thought “ , is that what keeps you going , well that’s what keeps me going at least :) . There is not a moment when I don’t think about food , I am sure a lot of us feel the same way. But it’s not over , some get to eat all they like and look like they haven’t eaten at all , while others bloat up like a balloon , where do you belong ? :))

We could have just eaten anything then , no more fights over whether Veg Biryani is Biryani or not , it wouldn’t have mattered anymore, everything is the same , Chicken or Paneer , Chocolate-mousse or Brinjal curry (I mean no offense to anyone) , ideally what you choose to eat just had to be edible with a minimal nutrient level !! That’s all , I honestly feel we would have been a little more productive if this was the case , But think of all those million bloggers who rave endlessly about food , and those mouth-watering Instagram posts : )

Maybe that is how the evolution of living beings began , but as it is called “survival of the fittest” , maybe it was these characteristics that enabled sustenance and survival on a larger scale and thus continued forever .

PS : For food lovers (that is 3/4th the earth’s population) this is nothing more than a nightmare


To us TASTE is merely a way of expressing how our favorite dish tastes , but actually means much more , it plays a crucial role in carrying out many of our life processes ,

Well most of us do remember that middle school science class where we were taught about tongue map , well , this is what John McQuaid , the author of a Pulitzer prize winning novel Tasty: The Art and Science of What We Eat, has to say, “But the tongue map proved to be completely false” .

I think taste is the most powerful of the senses that we possess, it has given birth to different cuisines , different cultures , traditions and caused diversity to exist on this planet ,

Not to forget it has generated millions of jobs , such is the power of taste and consumption of food in general . It has caused people to think out of the box, explore different permutations and combinations, after all isn’t it just like playing with a bunch of chemicals in a chemistry lab ? Well on the molecular level it may be the case, but on the face of it it looks fancy and intriguing .




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