Wish We Were Richer..

The ulterior motive is the same , you don’t have to be modest c’mon , some say it aloud but some don’t, but some say otherwise

Trying to figure out what I’m talking about, yes it’s about MONEY , if you thought so , you hit the nail on the head!!

That is the reason for man’s existence and sustenance don’t you think?

Image source : https://library.kissclipart.com/20190131/the/kissclipart-cartoon-money-clip-art-clipart-money-bag-clip-art-ea4218e03b671bfa.png

I’m a five letter word

But everybody’s world

Without me life ceases to exist

Folks, that is the gist

If I befriend you, hold on tight

Cause you never know when I may go out of sight

I can slip away without a warning

Here today gone next morning

I can break or make

Because of me relationships are at stake

Not only between you and your lovers

But even between countries and others

I’m the one and only supreme

I appear in every man’s dream

It’s me who keeps them on their toes

But I’m also the cause of their miseries and woes

I create the social divide,

But to most I am the lighting guide

You work hard and face your worst fears

And always hope to see a smile on the faces of your near and dear

Such is my might

For, the flame I ignite

The immense potential in mankind

Well, this really blows my mind

Some are desperate,

while others celebrate

For ,they have the lion’s share

But remember “life’s not fair”

It’s not about who has the most

Ignore those who flaunt and boast

Make the best of what you can

Give up chasing me like a mad man

Is this the life you puny mortals lead?

Living out of jealousy and greed

I’m just an earthly craving

But, life on Earth is has a deeper meaning

For majority,

I am the top priority

Richness is a relative measure, if I may say

Happiness is all that matters at the end of the day

Learn to be content

And live the moment

For life is uncertain

You never know when life draws its curtains

To heaven or hell

Is not decided by your wealth

But by the purity of your heart

This is what matters after you part

Some say fate, some say science

Each has a purpose during his time

Beyond these trivial materialistic thoughts

Stay sane and live the reality

For MONEY doesn’t buy it ALL in actuality!



Tech-enthusiast | Runner_for_life | #NoHumanIsLimited

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